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Wholesale Feature

It’s a Wicked Witch Halloween

It’s Dorothy Morrison time. We are thrilled to offer Wicked Witch Mojo candles and oils at a discounted price for a whole month.

Wicked Witch Mojo candle Restocking Set 15% off
3 each of 15 (45 candles), reg. - $247.50, sale price - $210.50
Wicked Witch Mojo candle mixed cases 15% off
16 candles, your choice, reg. - $88.00, sale price $74.80
Wicked Witch Mojo Oil restocking set 15% off
3 each of 15 (45 bottles), reg. - $180.00, sale price - $153
Wicked Witch Mojo Oil mixed case 15% off
12 bottles, your choice, reg. - $48, sale price - $41

It’s also a Wicked Witch Halloween. New Dorothy Morrison seasonal products are here to fill your Halloween themed shelves this year. These funny and potent candles are just what your customers are looking for to help them with their haunting problems. All new recipes and spells with a new label design. As the Cauldron Bubbles will put gossipers in their place. The Conjurer candle empowers our magic. Spirited Discourse helps us speak with spirit guides and loved ones. Haint Happenin’ busts ghosts for good. Same size and price ($5.50) as her other Mojo candles. These limited edition candles will be available for the whole month of September. No discounts on the limited Edition Wicked Witch Halloween candles.

From your magic makers at Coventry; we present two hefty candles for celebrating Halloween or Samhain. Our Halloween candle is a gorgeous pumpkin color and its fragrance is out of this world. We’ve also brought back our beloved Hekate candle for the season. Both will be available through October 31st. Both are 2”x 6 ½” and $9.75 each.
Lastly, our Ghost candles will also be available through October 31st. Stock up on Séance, Night Terror, Home Clear and Bless and Ghost Repel. 2”x 4 ½” and $5.50 each.

NEW! Witches Union Evil Eye patch

Featured this month is the Witches Union Evil Eye patch. We’ve combined the power of the Hamsa from the Middle East and the Evil Eye which is a powerful repellant of negative intent to create a patch that brings divine protection into your immediate world. The symbol is called the Hand of God and provides ultimate protection. When your customers active this patch with the spell provided, they will be placed under the watchful eyes of the divine.

Order online or call us 800-810-3837 with your questions and order. For more news about upcoming specials visit our wholesale website, coventrywholesale.com

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Evil Eye + Hamsa = Divine Protection


The ultimate protection spell has arrived and we put it to use. We didn’t want to be that story, but it happened. A hate crime came to roost, and thankfully we had the tools and wisdom to neutralize it swiftly and efficiently. Then there was nothing. No escalation, no retaliation, just sweet silence and getting back to business. Please, before you are challenged with a hate crime or gossip or anything negative, put this Hand of God protection spell to work. Be at peace with this spiritual lifelock tool. It worked for us!

Coventry products you’ll need: Evil Eye patch, Evil Eve Witch’s Brew candle, Evil Eye Witch’s Brew oil, Sweet Grass World Oil, Jacki Smith, Coventry Creations, Witches Union, spell crafting, magic, spells

Other material needed- Bucket of warm water, clean wash water, Sea Salt, Pepper, Apple Cider Vinegar, Clean Spray bottle (large)

The Spell
This old world cleansing and protection of your house can be done any time, and repeated often to clear drama and build your protection. Start with lighting the Evil Eye candle and placing it in the center of your home. Place the Evil Eye patch next to the candle. Using the evil eye oil, anoint your crown chakra, 3rd eye, back of your neck, your hands and your feet. Do this for every person in the house during the cleansing. From the center of your home, face each direction and repeat, “With the strength of the divine, I cast out all evil.

Prepare your wash water by placing a cup of salt, a tablespoon of pepper, 3 cups of vinegar and 9 drops of Evil Eye oil in the water. Stir the mixture while saying your favorite prayer or the blessing on the candle. Fill a large spray bottle with the wash water. From the back to the front of your house, mop your floor and spray everything in the room with the water. If you have carpet, wring out the mop until almost dry, but use the mop to pick up the energy that has settled to the floor. When you get to the front door, walk the wash water all the way to the street and dump it. Rinse the mop clear with the remaining water in the spray bottle.
Refill the spray bottle with clean water and 9 drops of Sweet Grass oil and spray each room to refill it with positive energy. Anoint every door jamb and window with the Evil Eye oil. Place the patch and candle by your main entry door and burn the candle daily until gone. You can wear the patch or keep it in your home for protection. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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of fun products celebrates the powerful witch in you and your part in ourcom munity.



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