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BHC CR 470x470

Be your own Magic Maker!

Crossroads Limited Edition candle
with blessed custom skeleton key
$12.00 wholesale
Comes with POP signage

We want you to find out what wonder awaits and have given you the key to being your own Magic Maker with our Limited Edition Crossroads candle. Last year we were able to source 700 antique skeleton keys. This year we leveled one more step and had custom keys made. This unique Coventry key has our dragon guarding over your magic and gives you the title “Magic Maker” on the back. Jacki personally charged up and blessed each key on her Crossroads altar. Feel the powerful, one of a kind magic and join Coventry’s 25th Anniversary celebration.
Visit coventrycrossroads.com for the video and additional instructions on the crossroads ritual (or try to QR code on the candle label)
Yes, this is our annual, shameless celebration of Jacki’s birthday, but that pales in comparison to the Official 25th Anniversary of Coventry Creations. 25 years of making magic, 25 years of living our passion and changing the world one candle at a time. 25 years of tracking the moon, blending oils and watching wax cool. We wouldn’t give up one minute of it, and we’re grateful to YOU because you have been part of it every step of the way. Now you are here to celebrate the big 25 with us. THANK YOU!


August SCC 470x470

Full Moon Money magic Spell - Charging up your Prosperity


The Full Moon is one of, if not the best time to do magic. When the moon is in this phase, we are at our most creative and innovative, and things you are passionate about are bubbling to the surface. Use the magical time to turn your desires into your reality, and we have the spell to help you achieve that. 

August’s Witches Union Spell Caster Card, Full Moon Money Magic Spell - Charging up your prosperity, extract this spark of magic from the moon; the spark you need to make your wish an actuality. This spell is one of the first spells Jacki ever did. It is her version of a standard spell that harnesses moon magic in a tangible way.
Full Moon Money Magic Spell - Charging up your prosperity
Gather up:
Blessed Herbal Candles

Other Supplies
Large Bowl with Water
Silver Coin (Half Dollar)

On a full moon, face the silver coin to the moon to capture its reflection. Place the coin in the large bowl with water and position it outside or near a window you can see the moon through. Place the Prosperity, Inner Balance and Ancestor candles in their holders around the bowl and light them. Speak aloud the prosperity you want then visualize the full moon energy charging the water while saying the following:
Pregnant moon full of power, flow to me a prosperity shower. Fill this reflection of your fullest face with abundance overflowing and financial grace. My wishes spoken, so they will be. Your magic fills me up times three.
Meditate on the full moon energy and when you are done, extinguish the candles, bottle the water for future magical use and place the coin where you can carry it every day. Relight the candles every day until they are gone to complete the full moon money magic spell.
Now – Go make some magic!
Visit our website to browse the Blessed Herbal candles and more and make sure to check out our new Witches Union swag. This line of fun products celebrates the powerful witch in you and your part in our community.

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