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Create a healing garden in your store with Wicked Good sprays and oils

It’s a well-known fact that many parts of plants have healing powers.  Medicinal use of the fragrance of plants was born out of the creation of perfumes.  It became a separate scientific study and the application of the essential oils have many physical as well as emotional benefits.  For many people who cannot tolerate antibiotics, essential oils are a godsend.  Today, Aromatherapy or Essential Oil Therapy is a well-respected healing technique and many high quality products are available.  This healing modality can be practiced by novices and professional caregivers.  Here’s what Jade Shutes has to say about aromatherapy.  

“It is a natural, non-invasive modality designed to affect the whole person not just the symptom or disease and to assist the body's natural ability to balance, regulate, heal and maintain itself by the correct use of essential oils.” Jade Shutes, from the website NAHA.org. Natural Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.

Wicked Good Sprays – 15% off mixed case pack of 25 bottles of sprays

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Energetic Oils – 15% off mixed case of 4 sets of 4 oils (16 total)

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Here at Coventry Creations, we have tapped into the magical powers of essential oils.  Through research and tuning into the vibration of the oil we were able to create recipes that lead the user to a desired outcome.  That is how we created our oil blends for our sprays, bottled oils and candles too.  Working with oils for their magical purposes is what we are all about and we love to know what they are used for medicinally too.  That supports our magical intentions and helps us select the perfect oil and herb.

This month we tip our hats to the professional Essential Oil therapists and thank them for all of their diligent research.  For all our customers whose purpose is to provide helpful products that smell amazing we have a special offer on our aromatherapy sprays and single scent oils.  For all your customers who practice the healing arts, we have a Witch's Union Healing Magic patch.  Making this patch available in your store honors them for all their hard work and selflessness.  Join us in our gratitude for all the healers out there who do what they do to make us all feel better.  

For more news about this month’s special and upcoming specials visit our wholesale website, Type 40 Sales.com

SCCC Healing Spell

Finding the root spell


Do your customers come with complaints of not getting well no matter what they do? It may be time for them to look below the surface just out of their conscious understanding.  This is why finding the root cause or core issue is so helpful.  Healers understand this and that is why they ask so many questions and test us in so many different ways.  While all that poking and prodding is going on in your outer world, invite them to do this Healing magic spell to wrap up and move out as much as they can of the root from their inner world so the rest of them can heal faster and more completely.  Make sure they purchase all the ingredients of this spell from you.  You’ll be a bit of a hero in their life.


Healing Magic Spell – Finding the root – healing magic from the inside out


You will need:

Healing Blessed Herbal Oil, Stability Blessed Herbal Candle, Grief Affirmation Candle, Potato, Knife $ cutting board, kitchen string, paper & pen.


Anoint your hands with the Healing oil; touch your heart, the base of your skull and your feet. Rub the oil onto the Stability candle from the top down.  Place the candle in a holder and light it.  Spend time thinking about what healing you need in each level; spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.  Write or draw what your troubles are and what life will look like after you have been healed.


Light the Grief candle. Turn the paper over, invite in all parts of your soul from every age of this lifetime and ask to be guided in your words to a place where your troubles began.  Ask for forgiveness from every part of your soul and write or draw out the story of your pain. Feel your body of pain around this issue lift from your body.


Cut the potato in half and hollow out the center just enough to put your paper inside of it. Fold your paper up into a small bundle and place it inside of the potato. Put in 9 drops of healing oil and spill in the molten wax from the Grief candle.  Tie the potato back together and seal it with the Stability candle wax.  Bury the potato in the ground, the location does not matter.


Burn the candles every day until they are consumed. Meditate on the healing and transforming the cause of your troubles into strengths.


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