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Motor City Hoo Doo Candles and Oils, 15% off Restocking Sets and Mixed Cases!

Wanna get lucky?  Stick with our Motor City Hoo Doo lines and it’s a done deal.  This line of candles and oils are your customer’s way to the golden ticket with humor, grit and serious practicality.  We’ve paired this line with our Crown of Success Witches Union patch to show that anyone, anywhere who puts the work in can get things going their way with the help of Motor City magic.  Jacki and Patty are sisters from the D and they know personally the miracles that can happen when you stick with it and reinvent yourself when necessary.  Many powerfully inspiring people have roots in Detroit. We are hardy people who believe that so much more is possible when you work together to bring a vision to light.

15% off Motor City Hoo Doo Candles
Restocking set – 3 each of 22 Styles (66 candles) $363.00   Sale price $308.50
Mixed Case – 16 Hoo Doo Candles – your choice $88   Sale price $75.00

15% off Motor City Hoo Doo Oils
Restocking set – 3 each 8 styles (24 bottles) $96   Sale price $81.50
Mixed Case – Your choice of 12 oils $48   Sale price $$40.50
Witches Union Crown of Success Patch $3.00 each

May is the month to stock up on your Motor City Magic.  Show your customers the practical side of setting themselves up for success with Hoo Doo candles and oils.  We are positive they will want to invoke the silver tongue like John the Conqueror, or attract more clients with our Querent caller.  Maybe they need to learn about the Fiery Wall of Protection where none shall pass once it’s up and burning bright.  Our Recover lost Money candle and oil will help them remember where they put that $20 bucks or highly motivate the party that still owes them money to get that business taken care of.  On and on it goes with the down to brass tacks magic this brand of magic provides.  Call us and place your order and get 15% off restocking set. It’s our version of the easy button. You’ll want to makes Hoo Doo available for sale in your store right away.

May’s Spell Caster Spell card give the recipe for guaranteeing our own success with 4 coins, a 1 dollar bill, a square of gold fabric, and 4 candles.  Your spell cards will be included in your May order. 

For more news about this month’s special and upcoming specials visit our wholesale website, Type 40 Sales.com


Crown of success spell

Crown of Success Spell


Hindsight is 20/20.  The first entry on google state's; “Perfect understanding of events only after they have happened. In hindsight things are obvious that were not obvious from the outset; one is able to evaluate past choices more clearly than at the time of the choice.”  Looking back is very educational, but it’s not the same as looking to the future.  Let’s face it. You are an adventurous sort and are not afraid to take a risk now and again.  Still, I bet you’d love some guarantees in life.  This is what this Witches Union spell was designed for; taking the pasta principle out of the next step to reaching your goal.   Jacki often says, your success is our success and that is how we build up the financial success of Coventry Creations. We do everything we can think of to help you increase your business.  Try this spell and share its secret with your customers.  When they become successful, you’ll get a customer for life.  

Easy Street magic is right here.       

Coventry Products you’ll need; Motor City Hoo Doo Candles (Spiritual Cleansing, Uncrossing, Crown of Glory and Money Draw, Witches Union Crown of Success patch).
Other items you’ll need; written intent of your goal, 4 coins – penny, nickel, dime, quarter and $1 bill, gold fabric square and thread.

The Spell

Write down your intent and goal.  Fold that paper towards you, turn the paper 90 degrees clockwise and fold again.  Fold it until it will fit in the center of the gold fabric.  Place the folded dollar and the coins on top of it. Next, light the Spiritual Cleansing and the Uncrossing candles, setting your intent to cleanse away any bad luck, ill will and /or personal sabotage from the goal you are working to manifest. Gather up the bundle you are creating in the gold cloth and pass it through the smoke and heat of the candles. Say a prayer or blessing of your own to cleanse your original written intent.

Light the Crown of Glory and Money Draw candles. Restate your original written intent and power it up by meditation on your goal; what will your life feel like once it has manifested?  Dip the dollar bill and the coins in the wax, setting the intent that every dollar and coin you spend or receive gets you to your goal faster and faster. Pass the patch through the smoke and charge up its energy.

Wrap your bundle together and place the crown of Success patch on the top. Tie your bundle together with the gold thread 9 times to completer the spell. Carry the bundle with you every day to guarantee you own success. Relight all 4 candle every day until they are consumed.

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Visit our website to browse the Blessed Herbal candles and more and make sure to check out our new Witches Union swag. This line of fun products celebrates the powerful witch in you and your part in our community.

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