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Thank you so much for visiting the Coventry Creations Wholesale site. We are so Happy that you are here!  We have many new and exciting news here that we would love to share before you go onto browse our site. If you are new to Coventry Creations, please take a minute to create an account, once approved, you will have full access to the site including prices and ordering abilities.  If you would like to see our many product offerings, you can enter our store here.




WS feature Blessed Herbal Oils dont melt

Blessed Herbal Oils don’t melt

The most excellent sale continues.  Please take advantage of it and don’t forget about our awesome displays.  We are now selling them without having to purchase candles. Check out our website or call us for more details.


Blessed Herbal candle Restocking Set 15% off

3 each of 18 (54 candles), reg. - $337.50, sale price - $287.00

Blessed Herbal candle mixed cases 15% off

25 candles, your choice, reg. - $156.25, sale price $133.25

Blessed Herbal Oil restocking set 15% off

3 each of 16 (48 bottles), reg. - $192, sale price - $163

Blessed Herbal Oil mixed case 15% off

12 bottles, your choice, reg. - $48, sale price - $41


How hot is it?  It’s so hot we’ve looked into space-age technology to keep our candles from melting during transit.  Until that piece of the puzzle is figured out, consider this. Our Blessed Herbal oils don’t melt. They aren’t bothered at all by the heat.  When placing your order this summer think about our amazing magical oils. Oh, and sprays don’t melt either.


NEW! Witches Union Meditation patch


Featured this month is the Witches Union Meditation patch.  Yes meditating is as old as the hills, but your customers are not.  Some of them are quite young and just beginning to awaken to the world of the mystical and magical. Let us help you direct and inspire the youth with our Witches Union patches.  Be the cool store that makes awakening fun. The gift will be returned threefold.

Order online or call us 800-810-3837 with your questions and order.  For more news about upcoming specials visit our wholesale website, coventrywholesale.com

SCCC Mind over anything

A spell for mindfulness


Taking a break is so important for your wellbeing that we created a patch and a spell to entice you into taking one.  Without breaks, you can break yourself. This is me asking you to put self-care at the tippy top of your list and begin a mindful or meditation practice.  Funny thing about a practice is, that you do it daily instead of once or twice. Allow us to lead you into your wellness practice with our Mind of Anything Spell.  Enjoy!


Coventry products you’ll need: Stability, and Problem Solving Blessed Herbal candles,

Inner Balance Blessed Herbal oil

Witches Union patch - Meditation


Other material needed- Quartz point Grounding stone, quiet space to meditate, Paper and pen,

Tarot or oracle deck of your choice


The Spell

A calm and centered mind is needed to hear that small still voice within.  From this place answers are received, problems solved and opportunities created.  Find a quiet space to meditate.  Anoint the Stability and Problem Solving candles with the Inner Balance oil.  Place them in a candle holder within your line of sight; one to the left, one to the right, and light the candles.  Place the patch on your lap.  Draw one card from your tarot or oracle deck and place it face down on the patch.


Hold the quartz point in your left hand and the grounding stone in your right.   Sit comfortably and slowly breathe in and out.  Soften your gaze to see both candle flames without focusing on either, let your mind drift and your body relax.  Your problem or challenge will to come to mind.  Let it drift away without judgement. Each time a thought comes to mind, let it unravel, releasing any specific thought you have about it.  Stay in this still space for as long as you can, hopefully 5 minutes minimum.   When you feel centered and relaxed, turn over your card and allow the messages from that card to flow through you.  Release the original meaning of the card and let the images tell the story. Write down your impressions.   Everything you need comes from the one card, you need no others. Do this every day until you feel you have the answers you need.   Let the candles burn for at least one hour each time you light them.  Never leave a burning candle unattended.


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of fun products celebrates the powerful witch in you and your part in our community.



 SCCC mind over anything  money magic patch 200 sq
 bhc 200 sq  bho 200 sq

As always, we love to hear that beautiful voice of yours! If you have any questions for us, call 800-810-3837 or email us at sales@coventrycreations.com and we will be happy to help in any way that we can!