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Limited Edition Firecracker Candles - The ultimate blockbuster  

What superpowers are created when you combine dragons and firecrackers?    




limited edition candle with dragon charm


$10.00 (no min or max order)

We could all use a summer blockbuster to get out of the funky stress that has been taking over all of our lives and Coventry has the magic you need.   When you are getting stuck in the old rut again it’s time to bust that block and light a dragon powered firecracker under your own butt to get moving in a new direction.    The Limited edition Firecracker candle is a block busting ritual to let go of the old and embrace the new path opened to you.  The candle moves the energy and the custom Coventry dragon charm helps you carry that energy with you.

Firecrackers symbolize saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new.  We use firecrackers in America to celebrate our break from the King’s rule into our own independence! What are you breaking away from? 

Dragons symbolize great power and luck, more than you even imagined. When you join dragon energy with any spell the power is increased substantially.   

Red is a lucky color, it brings blessings and drives off evil. Tying something with a red ribbon, string or cord ignites your magic.

This special edition allows you to carry this magic with you.   Hold the Coventry dragon charm as you say the blessing and light the candle. Tie the dragon charm to anything that needs energy, protection, luck or blessings (including you).  These blessed charms are lead, nickel and cadmium free.

If this candle seems familiar, you are right!  It was 10 years ago that “Firecracker” candle was born and it was the first of our limited edition products.  After all this time, customers still ask for it so in true Coventry style, we upped the game with a custom made and charged dragon charm on the candle  to made it even more effective for today’s needs. 




Transition Troubles - Navigating the Chaos of Change


Transitioning is hard; one day, things in your life are one way, and the next day they need to change completely. How can we make these periods of adjustment natural and easygoing? June’s Witches Union Spell Caster Card has the spell to clear away chaotic energy, as well as determining the outcome of your transition. We could always use a helping hand during these difficult periods. Just follow the instructions below to relieve yourself of some of your transition troubles.

Transition Troubles - Navigating the chaos of change

Gather up:

Blessed Herbal Candles

Truth & Justice

Needed Change


Blessed Herbal Calming Oil

Tarot Card Copies






Permanent Marker


Set up the three candles and their holders in a triangle around you in the room with the Prosperity in front of you. Anoint the hands, heart, solar plexus and third eye chakras with the Calming oil.


Light the Truth & Justice and the Needed Change candles and visualize all the chaos this transition has brought into your life. Take the copy of the Tower card and with the pencil write your troubles on the back of the paper. Gather this chaos energy up in your hands, crumple the piece of paper and throw it away from you and visualize your energy clearing to a calm state.


Light the Prosperity candle and visualize what you want the outcome of your transition to be. Take the copy of the Star card and on the back, write out your intent with permanent ink Fold the paper towards you so that the Star card is showing, anoint it with the Calming oil and put that in your wallet.


Discard the Tower card copy in an outside garbage.


Anoint your heart, solar plexus and third eye every day when you relight the candles.


Now – Go make some magic!



Visit our website to browse the Blessed Herbal candles and more and make sure to check out our new Witches Union swag. This line of fun products celebrates the powerful witch in you and your part in our community.


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