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Coventry Creations presents Chakra Magic

Surprise!  We have new products to help you and your customers open, awaken, balance and love your 7 major chakras. We’ve got you covered from the crown to the root with magical scents, beautiful mandalas and mantras.

Chakra Magic Candles $5.50 each
Chakra Magic Candle Restocking set $118.00, 3 of each, 21 candles total
Chakra Magic Candle mixed case $88.00, 16 candles, your choice
Chakra Magic Candle display set $189.00, 21 candles, wood display, POP sign
The candles are 2”x 4.5” with a 70 hour burn time

Chakra Magic Sprays $6.50 each
Chakra Magic Spray Restocking set $136.5, 3 of each, 21 spray bottles total
Chakra Magic Spray mixed case $104, 16 spray bottle, your choice
Chakra Magic Spray tester set $22.75 4 full bottles, one bottle labeled tester so your customers can try before they buy. Two tester sets for your store, per scent, per year please.
Chakra Magic Spray bottles are 4 ounces with a black mister top with a clear cap.

Colors and scent blends of our Chakra Magic Candles and Sprays

Answers, Crown Chakra candle is bright violet with a spicy temple blend of Frankincense, Jasmine, myrrh and a touch of Lemongrass.  It will help open and balance the crown chakra so answers to your questions come in less filtered and are more easily heard.

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