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Keys to the Crossroads


Standing at the threshold of multiple worlds the crossroads is a powerful place.  This month we are offering a Limited Edition Blessed Herbal Crossroads candle to tap into this deep magic.  Our customers have long sought out a way to this doorway and a search that resulted in 600 antique and vintage skeleton keys allowed our resident enchantress, Jacki Smith to create this tool for you.  As a special to celebrate our Month of Jacki we are also offering 15% off on packages of three autographed copies of Jacki’s book, Coventry Magic.


Remember the Crossroads candle is only available in August!


Use coupon code AUG16 for 15% off packs of three autographed copies of Coventry Magic, by Jacki Smith in August







Real Estate SOLD! - A Witches Union Spell Box


House lagging on the market with hardly a reasonable offer in sight?  Your customer’s want to get the most from their investments?  The Real Estate SOLD! Spell Box was designed to solve all their real estate worries with speed.  With a fickle market everyone could use a little boost to their listing and there is nothing wrong with sending a little energy the agent’s way.   Also included is a spell crafted by our resident enchantress, Jacki Smith.  Get these limited edition spell boxes today.












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